Our home – 84 on MAIN

Welcome to 84 on Main, Naledi Drive, Dullstroom. This beautiful building is an impressive vision of modern influences.
The enormous glass windows, open space and use of modern elements is a dream come true.
You cannot miss it amidst the classic beauty of smalltown Dullstroom.

Make sure you pop in for a delicious experience of what is on offer in this building we call home.
84 on Main is also home to Bergen Cheese, Donutery, Doughella and Pasta Dullicious.

Bergen Cheese

Home to the cheesiest tastes in Dullstroom. Pop in for a delicious experience every weekend, when we unpack our best new cheese on our tastings table.

Pasta dullicious

Don’t miss out on the most Dullicious shop in town! Pasta Dullicious is handcrafted pasta, made right here in Dullstroom, you will also find and a variety of other local and imported pasta goods. 

Doughella & Infinite tea
Edible cookie dough now has a home in South Africa too. Get a taste of their latest scoop, paired with the well -nown refreshing “Boba” Bubble Tea, bursting with flavour, right here at Doughella.



It’s the home of the best mini Donuts ever! They’re so scrumptious you’ll be back for more.